Marvel sued for plagiarism of Iron Man and Ant-Man designs

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The complaint was filed by Horizon Comics, a comic publisher in Montreal, Canada, and the Ben & Raymond Ray brothers, comic creators.A series published by the company from Image Comics from 2001 to 2002『Radix』Character design is said to have been plagiarized in a Marvel movie.

It seems that there have been problems with design theft over “Radix”. In 2002, MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) used the illustrations in this comic without permission to receive a $ 50 million research grant to establish the Soldier Technology Institute. At that time, MIT publicly apologized for this, so no proceedings have been filed.

Before the “MIT uproar,” the Ray brothers had been asked by CB Sebrsky, the current editor-in-chief of Marvel Comics, for an offer at Marvel, and they seem to have declined once. The brothers, who were re-offered in 2002, have now agreed and are pencillers and inkers in the X-Men and Thor comics.

This is not the first time they have filed a proceeding against Marvel. Previously, Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man 3 (2013) poster complained that it was “very similar to the suit worn by the character Caliban in Horizon’s Radix 1”. is there. The character of “Radix” in a powered suit is on one knee.

Plaintiffs alleged plagiarism for at least six active Marvel comics, alleging that they knew the “Radix” comics, as they worked for Marvel Comics. The trial lasted four years, with Marvel winning in 2019. The plagiarism of the design is “just speculation,” as there was no evidence that there was a Marvel employee who was involved in the poster design for Iron Man 3 and had seen the illustration of the character Caliban in Radix. The complaint has been dismissed.

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