Marvel’s “Captain America” ​​4th work in progress ─ “Falcon & Winter Soldier” writer appointed

Marvel Cinematic Universe(MCU) solo moviecaptain AmericaIt turned out that the production of the fourth work “Captain America 4 (tentative title)”, which is the sequel to the series, is in progress. In the script, “Falcon & Winter SoldierMalcolm Spellman, who worked on the above, took office... The Hollywood Reporter reports.

This work is from 2011 to 2016Chris EvansThe project is underway as the fourth work of the “Captain America” ​​series starring. No director or cast has been appointed at this time, and the project seems to be in the early stages. With Spellman, “FalconDaran Musson, who was a staff writer for “& Winter Soldier”, also wrote the script.

Details are unknown, but reportsDrawn in “Falcon & Winter Soldier”Anthony MackieThe story of Sam Wilson dressed as is likely to continueThat is. The final episode of the series, which was delivered on April 23, 2021, unfolded a story about the inheritance of the shield entrusted by Steve Rogers / first Captain America in “Avengers: Endgame” (2019). Several characters from the “Captain America” ​​series have reappeared, suggesting some who are likely to have a major impact on future MCUs.

In addition, it is unclear about the involvement and appearance of Chris Evans as Steve Rogers in this work, which was reported to return to the MCU in January 2021.Immediately after reporting the return, Evans himself responded on Twitter that he was “first heard”, and in March of the same year.Marvel・ It is unclear whether Evans will reappear in the MCU work, as studio president Kevin Feige also commented that “the rumors should have cleared him.” Deadline has said that even if Evans reappears, the returning work will be “different” from Captain America’s fourth film.

Source: THR, Deadline

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