Marvel’s president “WandaVision” is fully responsive and the fans’ reaction is pleased ─ What is the “best compliment” that the gimmick thinks?

After “Avengers: Endgame” (2019), I drew the “after” of Wanda Maximoff and Vision.WandavisionIn addition to the concept and composition of the work,Marvel・ It was a new attempt for the studio. The company has produced 23 films from Iron Man (2008) to Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019), but is the first to launch a television series with new episodes added every week. Because it is.

Marvel StudiosKevin FeigeThe presidentMarvel Cinematic UniverseNow that (MCU) has entered a new phase, it seems that he is feeling a considerable response to his “incision captain”, “WandaVision.” The Companion reports.

“Thanks to Disney Plus, it’s been a very exciting day.The reaction (to the work) is tremendous.It ’s fun as if the movie is released every week... It’s the same as we always went to the theater and watched the reaction on the internet. It depends on where you live, but it’s interesting to stay up late at night and see and hear the reaction in real time. “

There was a lot of excitement in the surprise for each story, but President Feige said“It’s exactly what you want.”Says. After all,“Since it was decided that it would be delivered weekly, we built a series so that we could provide topics every week.”That is. However, even if it was delivered all at once, it would have been prepared for each episode.

“(This method) is the same thing we’ve always liked in the movie’s last and post-credits scenes. It’s weekly, so it’s just a short interval. You need to learn new methods and change. Until then, we will continue to do this. “

“Every series is developed in the same way as a movie,” Feige said, revealing his intention not to make a special distinction between movies and dramas. This is because MCU works, whether in theaters or for distribution, have high hurdles that must be cleared each time. The pressure of the president, who is the creator of all, is unimaginable, but what is the “best compliment” for Feige?

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