“Midsommar” Florence Pugh explains the scene of crying surrounded by villagers ─ “It was scary”

A festival that gave the audience overwhelming horror, set in a crazy festival illuminated by the midnight sun.ThrillerMidsummer(2019).This time, I played the leading roleFlorence PughLooks back on Instagram about the time of shooting the scene where he had a hard time with this work.

The scene where Florence struggled is when the main character, Danny, who is suffering from the fear and anxiety of a crazy festival, cries violently while being surrounded by villagers with an eerie atmosphere. It is probably one of the most memorable scenes in the play.

Regarding the shooting of such an intense scene, Florence also said, “It was scary“It has said. Florence was another work in the past, and because of his short career, he couldn’t cry well in front of the camera. As a result, he also experienced the painful experience of replacing the scene itself. Florence was frightened by such an experience, but it seems that the warm support from director Ari Aster and other performers who played the role of villagers helped a lot in this film.

“Thanks to them, I was able to make this scene a success.[…]I’m not good at crying, so working with them made me feel safe. I also felt love and respect. It was definitely thanks to them that it was accomplished. “

It is said that the performers, who had the same hard feelings as Florence, hugged each other in tears when the shooting, which they challenged with extraordinary thoughts and determination, was completed successfully. The behind-the-scenes photo released by Florence captures such a moment of relief.

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