“Mighty Thor / Love & Thor” Chris Hemsworth’s muscles are at their best ─ Talking about the difficulty of training

Marvel Cinematic Universe(MCU)『Mighty Thor / Love & Thor(原題:Thor: Love and Thunder)]It seems that the strongest thunder god can be seen.

From “Mighty Thor” (2011) to “Mighty Thor Battle Royale” (2017), Thor, the god of thunder, has shown a muscular body. In “Avengers: Endgame” (2019), he was fat enough to doubt his eyes, but in “Mighty Thor / Love & Thor”, “The healthiest and strongest condition“.

This is what Thor isChris Hemsworth.. In an interview with The Telegraph in the UK, he explained the training to become the strongest form as follows.

“What should I do to keep my body in top shape while doing moderate powerlifting and bodybuilding training? I spent a lot of time at home, so I was looking for different ways. It has the necessary aesthetics. Bodybuilding may seem like a good-looking act, but it’s serious when I gain unhealthy weight or lose weight unhealthy to make a role. You’ll be called an actor. 10 years of training has come full-time. Plus, with 12 hours of shooting a day, it’s really hard to maintain. Like a professional athlete. You have to think about it, but it’s really rewarding. “

In November 2020, Hemsworth revealed that he was training hard for the shooting of this work. In addition to the amazing physical ability to lift the tires, everyone must have been amazed at the muscles of the arm that are about to break. Also, this work is currently in the middle of shooting. Even so, we have also released a figure that does not neglect training, so if you are interested in Hemsworth training, please check it out as well.

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