Milla Jovovich & Paul W. S. Anderson & Dave Bautista, the strongest tag in adventure fantasy of the original “Game of Thrones”

Of the movie version “Resident Evil” series and the live-action version “Monster Hunter”Paul W. S. AndersonSupervision &Milla JovovichIn addition, “Guardians of the Galaxy” series, etc.Dave BautistaWith the addition of the new movie “In the Lost Lands(原題)It turned out that 』will be produced. The US Variety reports.

This work is a fantasy adventure that visualizes the short story of George R. R. Martin, who is known as the original author of “Game of Thrones” (2011-2019). One day, the love-hungry queen hires the feared female wizard Gray Alice (Jovovich) with her power and sends her to a sacred place called “Lost Lands” with a guide. .. There, they meet the wandering man Voice (Bautista) and have to deceive and defeat humans and evil spirits … The essence of good and evil, debt and fulfillment, love and loss will be explored.

Directed and produced by Anderson, the script is based on the original work by George R. R. Martin. The production includes Jovovich and Bautista, as well as Jeremy Bolt from the Resident Evil series and Constantin Werner from The Pagan Queen (2009).

Jovovich and Anderson have recently tagged in the live-action movie “Monster Hunter”. I will hold my hand again without a pause from the same work. Also, since it is Martin’s new fantasy work that built up a big epic, I would like to expect how the world view and characters will be visualized.

Source: Variety

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