“Mission: Impossible” 7th work return Simon Pegg & Rebecca Ferguson’s best friend shot released

Tom cruiseStarring popular spyactionseries”Mission Impossible]From the 7th work (title undecided), the role of Benji who will make a comeback togetherSimon Pegg, IlsaRebecca Ferguson, A good friend shot behind the shooting that captured the three people of Ving Rhames as Luther arrived.

It is reported that the 7th work of this series is about to end as of February 2021, and it seems that finishing work is being done in London, England, which is one of the production bases. This time, photos from the shooting site have been posted in succession.

Peg as Benji and Ferguson as Ilsa each posted a two-shot of the same photo on their Instagram. Both of them added the hashtag “bff (best friend forever)” which means “best friend forever” to the post, and you can see how close they are.

Peg also posted a photo of Ferguson being lifted lightly. Ferguson is lifted with a cool look. Behind it, you can see Ving Rhames as Luther, who seems to be checking something on his computer, but he has a serious look. The photo was taken by director Christopher McQuarrie, who takes the seventh megaphone.

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