“Mission: Impossible” 7th work, Tom Cruise sprinting again ─ First photo release in the play

Tom cruise, I will run this time as well.

Popular spyactionseries”Mission Impossible]From the 7th work (title undecided), the first photo in the play has been released. Directed by Christopher McQuarrie on his Instagram.

The “Mission: Impossible” series, which has continued since 1996, has finally entered its seventh work. In each mission, Tom Cruise has shown breathtaking delicate actions to stunning and powerful actions, but it seems that he is sprinting in the upcoming 7th work.

Most of the shooting of the 7th work has been completed, and it seems that it is proceeding to post production (work after shooting). Director McCulley, who has posted shooting scenes from around the world on Instagram, has released his first photo in the play. The silhouette of Tom running through a dark and narrow alley with all his might is projected.

Ethan Hunt, played by Tom, will take on a new mission in the seventh film. Is Ethan in the photo chased by someone or is he chasing? Or are you heading to rescue someone? The noir-like atmosphere conveyed from the photographs is reminiscent of the night streets of Prague in the first film.

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