“Monster Hunter” Airou shows off his squid cooking technique ─ Main video released

Live-action movie version “Monster hunterWill be released nationwide from March 26, 2021. This time, the support role of the hunters,Chef AirouThe main video of cooking has arrived.

In this work, the U.S. Army lieutenant Artemis was sent to a mysterious world by encountering a huge sandstorm that suddenly occurred.Milla Jovovich) Is depicted as teaming up with a mysterious hunter (Tony Jaa) to take on a deadly battle with a monster. Ron Perlman of the “Hellboy” series has been appointed as the leader of the research team that cooperates in hunting, and Hirona Yamazaki has been appointed as the receptionist. The director is Paul W. S. Anderson of the “Resident Evil” series.

The video released shows Airou cooking wildly. The moment Artemis gently approached the kitchen where cooking utensils were lined up and Chinese knives hung in a dimly lit ship, suddenly he appeared in front of me, saying “Nnya! Beast human race Airou. Airou, who appears in this work, is a veteran who has passed through numerous deadlines as a otomo of the leader of the large group (Ron Perlman) in the past, and is now the chef of the research team.

He has an unparalleled ability as a cook, and if he slams a large thick meat that is as big as his own body on a hot iron plate, he uses a huge kitchen knife that has been processed from his favorite weapon that was broken in the battle. Cut it out, put out a flame from the hand you shake it up, and wrap the meat boldly. The rough cooking method suggests a dynamic personality, but it also shows a cute gesture of gently putting herbs on the final finish, and also has a delicate and detailed personality.

Director Paul W. S. Anderson has been playing the game “Monster Hunter” for more than 10 years and has been the driving force behind this movie project, and it is because of his love that Airou was introduced. “He’s a chef, but a warrior with a twisted personality,” said Dennis Berardi, a visual effects supervisor who has worked with Anderson for many years, including “Resident Evil” (2002). I have a distorted personality, and I sometimes argue, but I build a special and funny relationship with Artemis. I like the ironic sense of humor and the jokes that only older people can make! “, He talks about the fun of bringing the character Airou to life.

The movie “Monster Hunter” will be released on March 26, 2021 (Friday).

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