“Monster Hunter” Interview video of Milla Jovovich & Paul W. S. Anderson and others ─ “Faithfully reproduce the world view”

Live-action movie version “Monster hunterIs finally landing in Japan on March 26, 2021 (Friday).This time, the starringMilla Jovovich, DirectorPaul W. S. AndersonA special video was released with an impressive expression of the directors happily talking about this work.

In this work, U.S. Army lieutenant Artemis (Milla Jovovich), who suddenly encountered a huge sandstorm and was blown into a mysterious world, teamed up with a mysterious hunter (Tony Jaa) and a monster. The figure that challenges the battle of death is drawn. Let’s hunt for an unimaginable world!

At the beginning of the released video, Milla Jovovich said, “I love Monster Hunter. I want to deliver this movie soon.” Director Paul W. S. Anderson said, “I am also a big fan of Monster Hunter and fell in love with the world of the game. “He generously talks about” Monster Hunter love. ” In addition, the gameplay images and movie scenes that are inserted one after another go beyond that barrier and show that the world view is maintained as one “Monster Hunter World”.

Since the main purpose of the game “Monster Hunter” is to study monsters and their actions, characteristics, attack methods, strengths and weaknesses, fans are more familiar with monsters than other typical game fans. I know well and have a good eye. With that in mind, production designer Edward Thomas brought some enthusiastic gamers and graphic artists to his department in the early stages of production preparation.

From the mighty enemies Diablos variants, Rio Leus, Nelscula, and the popular monsters such as Airou to support players, to weapons such as the Great Sword and Great Hunter Bow, and even fans are familiar with them. The meat grilling is so thorough that it has been praised by the Monster Hunter-loving media who have already seen this work, saying, “The world of the game is well reproduced!”

Ultimately, he pursued a location suitable for the “real world” where huge monsters live while living human life, and took harsh photographs in the coastal dunes of Namibia, the Sesriem Valley, and Tankwa in South Africa. It is understandable that Ryozo Tsujimoto, the producer of the “Monster Hunter” series, Kaname Fujioka, the executive director of “Monster Hunter: World”, and both of them, who are also involved as associate producers in this movie, have a fulfilling look.

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