“Monster Hunter” Milla Jovovich works hard to practice twin swords and demons ─ Pre-release of the main video

Let’s hunt for an unimaginable world! Live-action movie version “Monster hunterIs finally landing in Japan on March 26, 2021 (Friday). On this occasion,Milla JovovichTony Jaa, TwoactionThe main video has arrived, which captures the star-like character striving to practice the twin sword and demonization.

In this work, U.S. Army lieutenant Artemis (Milla Jovovich), who suddenly encountered a huge sandstorm and was blown into a mysterious world, teamed up with a mysterious hunter (Tony Jaa) and a monster. The figure that challenges the battle of death is drawn. Ron Perlman of the “Hellboy” series has been appointed as the leader of the research team that cooperates in hunting, and Hirona Yamazaki has been appointed as the receptionist. The director is Paul W. S. Anderson of the “Resident Evil” series.

The weapon that Artemis got while being guided by the hunter for the fight against monsters is a twin sword. With a super-attack type weapon in his hand, Artemis immediately shows off his brilliant sword judgment with outstanding sense, and when he trains under the guidance of a hunter, the flame bursts from the tip of the sword whose energy bursts red. This is a familiar demonization in the game. Artemis drops his sword because of surprise. To the hunter who is just laughing at it, he complains with words that do not understand “Tell me!”. It is a scene where the strength and comical exchanges between the two who are training and strengthening for a new battle, and the tension that will finally confront the monsters are oozing.

Milla Jovovich is playing the game “Monster Hunter” and says “I always use a twin sword. I’ve tried various weapons, but I love the power-ups of the twin swords.I felt that the twin sword was my weaponI am delighted to see him actually wielding his favorite weapon in the movie. Mira, who has experience in sword art, is so enthusiastic about making roles that she practiced swinging her sword while walking her dog before shooting in her private life.It feels like you’ve been given the opportunity to do what you’re good at.“, He revealed that he was a suitable role that was destined to match himself.

The movie “Monster Hunter” will be released on March 26, 2021 (Friday).

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