“Monster Hunter” Rio Leus advent, showing overwhelming power ─ The main video full of tension is released

Live-action movie version “Monster hunter』, Finally landed in Japan from March 26, 2021. This time, Artemis (Milla Jovovich), The leader (Ron Perlman), the hunter (Tony Jaa), the receptionist (Hirona Yamazaki), and others have arrived in the main video of the battle with the king of the sky.

In this work, Artemis, a member of the special forces who suddenly encountered a huge sandstorm and was sent to a mysterious world, teamed up with a mysterious hunter and with monsters such as Rio Leus and Diablos subspecies. The figure that challenges the battle of death is drawn. It was Milla Jovovich’s husband and film director Paul W. S. Anderson who took the megaphone.

Monsters brought to life by Hollywood’s state-of-the-art VFX. In the main video released this time, two hunters were instantly preyed on by the flame breath released with terrifying power and speed, even though they were only wary of Rio Leus while it was raining heavily. The figure that ends up is captured. Rioreus, who is ferocious and screaming, is attracted by the leader of the troupe while hunting down Artemis and the hunter, and is shot with a whole body. However, even such a blow was exchanged lightly, and he returned with a breath. It is said that the weak point is “before the fire is blown”, but how to defeat the king of the sky who shows a desperate difference …?

Dennis Berardi, the producer of the film and animator of VFX production company Mr.X, said, “We focused on expressing the power and ferociousness of Rio Leus. Most of it is in the eye. I wanted to be able to express it between the hunter and Rio Leus. “

The movie “Monster Hunter” has been released since March 26, 2021 (Friday).

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