“Monsters, Inc.” spin-off drama to Disney + distribution in July 2021 ─ The stage is from the day after the first work

DisneyPixarTV of the popular series “Monsters, Inc.”AnimeThe version “Monsters at Work (Japanese title undecided, original title: Monsters at Work)” will be released on July 2, 2021.Disney+It turned out that the US distribution will start at (Disney Plus). Disney + official Twitter has announced.

“Monsters, Inc.” is the fourth Pixar feature-length animated feature film released in 2001. Set in a world where a wide variety of monsters coexist with humans, the friendship between Sulley and Mike, a bumpy duo, is depicted. In 2013, “Monsters University,” which depicts Tan the day before, was released.

The first report of this work, which will be the first work for TV in the series, was reported in November 2017. Set after the first work, a young monster aiming for a scarer is depicted. Along with the announcement of the release date in the United States, the official synopsis has been revealed. It is as follows.

“The stage of’Monster at Work’is a kid to help the power plant fuel Monstropolis, thanks to Mike and Sally, who discovered that laughter produces 10 times more energy than screaming. The day after they started collecting their laughter, the story of Tyler Taskmon, a young, enthusiastic monster who graduated from Monsters University with top grades, has always dreamed of becoming a scarer. Until I got a job at Monsters Inc. and found out that screaming wasn’t needed and laughter was needed … “

In this work, the voice actors so far, including John Goodman as Sally and Billy Crystal as Mike, are back. Ben Feldman of “Cloverfield / HAKAISHA” (2008) and “Mad Men” (2007-2015) will be the voice of the main character Tyler. Produced by Roberts Gannaway, known for his “Leroy & Stitch” series and “Planes 2 / Fire & Rescue” (2014).

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