“Mortal Kombat” Red Band Trailer Released ─ Witness Todome’s Fatality Explosion, Forbidden Death Fight

Of the “Saw” seriesJames WanProduction, new live-action movie version “Mortal KombatWill land in Japan on June 18, 2021 (Friday). This time, a red band version trailer (a trailer containing radical violent expressions and wording) has arrived.

The game “Mortal Kombat” series has caused a social phenomenon and is one of the best-selling fighting games in the world, but it is not currently released in Japan because of the cruel production of “fatality” that kills the defeated opponent. It has become.The new live-action version of “Mortal Kombat” based on such a work is a 360-degree development transcendenceactionAnd the ultimate martial arts adventure full of production unique to this work. The strongest warriors selected on the earth challenge the bloody and exciting battle “Mortal Kombat” to protect the world from the thugs of the demon world.

The main character is Cole Young, a mixed martial arts player with a dragon bruise on his chest. He spent days fighting for money without knowing his background, but one day he was targeted by the strongest thug named Sub Zero. Sub-Zero is the person released by the emperor of the demon world, Shan Tsun, to defeat Cole. Cole is afraid that the safety of his family will be threatened, so he decides to join a female warrior named Sonia Blade, who also belongs to the special forces, as told by Major Jacks. Visiting the temple of Leiden, the guardian of the earth, the fighting tournament “Mortal Kombat” that has been unfolding since ancient times and the fate of the world, and the warrior chosen to fight the enemies of the demon world Know that. Can Cole, along with his new friends, release his hidden powers and save his family and the world …?

In the video released this time, Sub-Zero (Joe Taslim), a thug in the demon world, crushes the arm of Jacks, a major of the U.S. Special Forces, in ice with an overwhelming power difference. From the beginning, it begins with “Fatality”, which is a depiction of extreme cruelty. Knowing that he is one of the “chosen ones,” Cole Young (Lewis Tan) is a female warrior belonging to the US Special Forces, Sonia Blade (Jessica McNamee), a criminal organization that shoots a beam from her eyes. Mercenary Kanou (Josh Lawson), Flame Manipulator Ryu Kang (Ludi Lin), Kun Lao (Max Fan) who cuts through enemies with a steel hat, and Jacks (Meccad Brooks) and other warriors of the earth. With the help of their leader, Leiden (Tadanobu Asano), they will throw themselves into the world-famous fighting tournament “Mortal Kombat” that has been unfolding since ancient times.

In addition, the legendary ninja and the strongest warrior of all time, Hasashi Hanzo (Hiroyuki Sanada), skillfully uses a weapon with a kunai on the tip of a string to pierce the head and heart of a black-clad assassin who aims for life. There is also a scene showing a merciless “fatality”. In the latter half of the video, there are also characters from the demon world, such as Mileena (Sisi Stringer), who was sent to the human world by the emperor of the demon world, Shan Tsun (Chin Han), and Goro, who has four arms. Appearing one after another, a forbidden death battle is unfolded.

Ultimately, at the end of the video, a fierce death battle between Scorpion and Sub Zero will take place. When I thought that I had torn Scorpion’s arm with an ice-generated sword, Sub-Zero’s cruel and cunning technique of piercing the scattered raw blood with a frozen blood sword exploded. At the end, starting with the line “Stab the end!” By the emperor of the demon world, Shan Tsun, the cruel Todome depiction “Fatality” scene of each character who stabs the head and heart is 5 barrage like a rage. Attention.

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