Motivated by Michelle Rodriguez “I got it” at the “Fast and Furious” & “Jurassic World” crossover

wild speedPlay the role of Letty in the seriesMichelle Rodriguez’s big series “Jurassic WorldShows a strong interest in crossover with.. Michelle himself reveals the reason why he feels convinced because he is a performer of “Furious”.

“Fast and Furious” and “Jurassic World” are big series that are overwhelmingly popular all over the world.What they have in common is the caractionMovies and dinosaur action movies, genres are completely different. With this in mind, Michelle Rodriguez said in the crossover of both series, “it’s the best.rode“, The latest work”Fast & Furious / Jet BreakAt the virtual press conference held in conjunction with the lifting of the ban on the new trailer, he is showing extraordinary motivation.

“I was talking about this yesterday, isn’t it interesting? I was talking yesterday.When you reach a certain peak, there is nothing you can aim for other than cross-branding and merging... It’s something that big companies that have grown too large are also doing. “

However, Michelle says he feels a big barrier to achieving the crossover between “Fast and Furious” and “Jurassic World.” “The only obstacles are lawyers and the studio,” he said. Michelle explains why, “usually it’s done in a different studio or something where (the works) meet.”

On the other hand, as Michelle said, “But what if they were under the same umbrella?”, Both series are works produced by Universal Pictures of the United States. In other words, it can be achieved with the permission of the universe that owns the rights.

It’s also worth noting that Michelle feels “Furious” that “it has reached a certain peak.” In the newly released trailer of “Jet Break,” Roman recalls “airplanes, trains, tanks, and even submarines,” but the only thing that can hunt down the family any more is dinosaurs … ??

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