Movie “Han Solo” video Why is it dark?What is cinematographer aesthetics?

Star Wars』 One of the most popular characters,Han soloA movie about an unknown adventure in your youthHan Solo / Star Wars Story(2018). Set in the underworld of the galaxy as the main stage, this work, in which solo challenged a dangerous battle, was based on the space opera-ness of “Star Wars” and incorporated the texture of western drama and crime movies.The director is Ron Howard, and the cinematographer is good at authentic video expression such as “Message” (2016).Bradford YoungThat’s right.

If you watch “Han Solo”, you may notice that the screen is a little dark throughout the movie.There are many productions in which a slight light illuminates the characters who are almost in the dark, or the figure is drawn like a silhouette.

The darkness of this screen has been a hot topic among overseas fans since the theater was released.When Chapin Carter, the founder of a video equipment company in Boston, watched “Han Solo” in a theater, he was “very confused” by the darkness and the video was“It’s dark, it’s blurry, it doesn’t look good.”He said he complained to the theater manager. In other words, I misunderstood that it was a projection problem on the theater side.

Also, even after the release of Blu-ray, the overseas “Star Wars” community site“The image is too dark and muddy. It’s like reducing the contrast to zero.” “It’s so dark that my eyes get tired.”Many people agree with this (the main thread added that “it became quite bright when I watched it on 1080p Blu-ray”).

The video of “Han Solo”, which fans and experts feel “dark”, seems to have had a production intention. Cinematographer Bradford Young left an interview with the industry-focused media “British Cinematographer” to show the background of the dim image.

Young is a 1971 Western movie from Han Solo’s predecessor director, Chris Lord & Phil Miller, as a video reference.“gambler”Was presented. This work was directed by Vilmos Zsigmond, and features a video that gently highlights a person in a dark room with candles and lamps. There is a snowfield scene as in “Han Solo”, but the sky is cloudy and you can see the production that makes the figure look like a silhouette. “I was attracted to the color tone of that story and the image of Virumos.“Young talks about the influence of’Gambler’.

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