“Mr. Nobody” to be released in Japan ─ ​​”John Wick” team’s exciting big action

Look at this image. He smokes with a tattered face and for some reason gives Cat Chan a cat can. Who the hell is this guy? The answer is Mr. Nobody (nobody).

Ilya Naishuller, director of “Hardcore”, who became a hot topic in the challenging production of camera work from the perspective of the main character, and Derek Colstad, a screenwriter familiar with the “John Wick” series, are newly added.Exciting hard-boiled with a tag teamactionThe masterpiece “Nobody” will be released in Japan as the Japanese title “Mr. Nobody” from June 11, 2021 with Toho-Towa distribution.It was decided to be done.

If you’re feeling stressed lately, it’s refreshing to see this.

The main character, Hatch Mansell, was a sober and mediocre “Nobody” who lived while accepting the hardships of life, such as being underestimated at work and treated as a father who could not be respected at home. One night, when two robbers broke into his suburban home, Hatch was afraid of violence, fatherly and masculine, unable to fight back. Hatch was further disappointed by his family in the wake of the incident, and his brother-in-law at the same workplace was also given an Ichamon, and the anger that had been boiled in his chest suddenly rose. Suddenly, the easy provocation of the thugs who met on the route bus became a trigger, and finally it got flashy.

The main character, Hatch, was played by Saul Goodman, the protagonist of “Better Call Saul,” which was highly acclaimed by overseas drama fans. Bob Odenkirk is also active in “Confidential Documents” and “Nebraska’s Journey Connecting Two Hearts”. Co-starring includes veteran actor Christopher Lloyd, who is also known as Dr. Emmett Brown, who is known as “Doc” in the “Back to the Future” series, and 100-faced actors, “Top Gun” and “Total Recall.” In addition to former actresses such as Michael Ironside of “Gradiator” and “Wonder Woman”, Connie Nielsen, RZA of Utan Clan also gathered.

In the trailer, the hatch, which seems to be stressed at home and at work, rampages against the cock. Don’t offend this guy, “It’s the worst if the accumulated things overflow.” I’m going to mess up because of my strange girl’s cat bracelet.

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