“National Treasure” drama, officially launched on Disney + ─ Young illegal immigrants become new protagonists

By Nicolas Cageaction・ Adventure “National Treasure』Series TV series version,Disney+It has been decided that it will be officially produced as a work for. It will be a work consisting of all 10 episodes. The US Deadline reported.

The movie “National Treasure” series is a story about historian and adventurer Ben Gates (Nicolas Cage) unfolding an adventure while solving the codes and mysteries hidden in American history. “National Treasure” was produced in 2004, and “National Treasure / Lincoln Assassin’s Diary” was produced in 2007.

The TV series will capture contemporary issues of identity, community, historical roots and patriotism. The new protagonist is Jess Morales, a 20-year-old young illegal immigrant. Jess goes on an adventure with friends from diverse backgrounds to regain his mysterious family history and lost treasure.

Executive producers include Cormac Weaverly, Marianne Weaverly, and Jerry Bruckheimer, who also participated in the movie version. The two Weaverly also serve as screenwriters. The director is Mira Nair, an Indian director such as “Monsoon Wedding” (2001) and “The Reluctant Fundamentals” (2012). The production time is unknown at this time.

It has also been revealed that the third movie version will be produced in January 2020. The original cast, including Nicolas Cage, is expected to return, and Chris Bremner of “Bad Boys for Life” (2020) has been appointed as the script. Which realization comes first?

Source: Deadline

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