Netflix April distribution work summary ─ “Spider-Verse” team new animation, “Stranger Things” creator’s monster movie, etc.

Distribution started in April 2021NetflixThe works are also full of attention works by up-and-coming Hollywood creators and actors.Idris ElbaShawn Levy’s monster movie “Love & Monsters” and “Spider-Man: Spider-Birth” (2018-), which starred in the cowboy movie “Concrete Cowboy: The Real Me” and “Stranger Things Unknown World” (2017-). ) New works of a wide range of genres such as the new animated movie “The Mitchells and the Machine Rebellion” presented by the team are coming. Add more color to your new life with Netflix.

In this article, in addition to the above-mentioned works, we will pick up and introduce Netflix works delivered in April.

Season 2 of a reality show where Gaten Matarazzo, known for his role as Dustin in “Stranger Things: The Unknown World,” sets up a number of stunning shows.

The deadly gimmick Gaten Matarazzo is mischievous again. Season 2 of the plank show, which is horribly inevitable to laugh, has begun. In each episode, the ultimate surprise awaits the two people who meet for the first time. An ordinary workplace for a one-time part-time job turns into a stage of an amazing supernatural phenomenon as soon as the two meet. It’s an unprecedented stunning program.

Prank Encounters: Season 2. Pictured: Gaten Matarazzo in episode 1, “These Walls Can Talk”. c. Courtesy of Netflix © 2021
Prank Encounters: Season 2. Episode 3, “Spider Mansion”. c. Courtesy of Netflix © 2021

A human story in which Idris Elba, known for the “Fast & Furious Presents” (2019) and “Mighty Thor” series, and Caleb McLaughlin, who plays the role of “Stranger Things Unknown World” Lucas, play the role of parent and child.

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