Netflix is ​​about to win the 2nd and 3rd “Knives Out” ─ Director Rian Johnson and starring Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig2019 mystery movie with gorgeous castKnives Out / The Secret of the Detective and the Blade House』Sequel distribution rights,NetflixIs about to be acquired. The US Deadline reported.

It is said that not only the second work but also the third work is under negotiation. The contract is reported to exceed $ 400 million, which is said to be the highest in the history of distribution works. It seems that Apple and Amazon also participated in the acquisition battle.

Also, director, screenwriter, and productionRian JohnsonAnd it turned out that Daniel Craig, the role of the protagonist detective Benoit Blanc, will also be a follow-up. Johnson has previously revealed that he is writing a script for the sequel.

The shooting of the second film is scheduled to start in Greece on June 28, 2021, and casting will start soon. In addition to recording a hit that exceeded the worldwide box office revenue of over $ 300 million, the first work received high praise from critics and spectators, and achieved excellent results such as being a candidate for the Academy Award for Screenplay.

For Craig, who graduated from the role of James Bond with “007 / No Time to Die”, this work was also evaluated as a new winning role. With at least two more, it seems that you can enjoy Benoit Blanc’s famous reasoning.


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