Netflix March Delivery Summary ─ From Sherlock Holmes’ new series to Notorious BIG’s documentary, Mrs. Obama’s “Waffles and Mochi”

New works appear every weekNetflix.. Check out the lineup that will be available in March. There are many notable works to keep in mind, such as the documentary of the legendary rapper Notorious BIG who was active in the 90’s and the cooking program “Waffle and Mochi” by former US President Michelle Obama.

In this article, in addition to the above-mentioned works, we will pick up and introduce Netflix works delivered in March.

1990ship hop-A feature-length documentary about the life of Notorious BIG (The Notorious BIG), who is also known as a representative rapper on the east side in the “hip-hop east-west conflict” in the scene.

In this work, the rapid growth and tragedy of “Biggie” will be depicted through valuable images taken by Notorious’s best friend D-Roc, new interviews with people he was close to, and his family.

Notorious was shot on the way home from the party on March 9, 1997, and became a man who never returned. With the assassination of 2Pac in the west, it remains unsolved. Beyond 20 years after death, the life of a lost young talent is revealed.

A shy high school girl drama comedy that anonymously created a booklet “Moxy” that criticizes sex discrimination in the school.

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