New trailer for “Fast & Furious 9” released, Toretto brothers clash ─ screaming Han, family in space suit

Popular caractionmovies”wild speed』Series 9th workFast & Furious / Jet BreakNew trailer released in the United States.. “Furious 9” has delivered a series of flashy car actions, but “Jet Break” seems to include a number of shocking scenes that go diagonally above the imagination.

At the beginning of the trailer, the family dinner scene, which has become an annual event in the series, is projected. There is also the figure of Dom’s son Brian. Sean (Lucas Black), Twinkie (Bow Wow), and Earl (Jason Tobin), who appeared in the third film “Fast and Furious X3 TOKYO DRIFT” (2006), also seem to have reunited. Watch a video of Brian (Paul Walker) and his son Jack playing on the beach, and you’ll get a glimpse of Dom immersing himself in the past.

“Remember your mission so far.” Roman looks back on his history with his usual cheerful narrative. “Airplanes. Trains. Tanks. I also fought submarines.” On the other hand, he is impatient with a new strong enemy, saying, “And this time it’s a flying car.”

Introducing Cypher (Charlize Theron), a cyber terrorist who tried to divide the family in the previous work “Wild Speed ​​ICE BREAK” (2017). Apparently, in this work, he is teaming up with Jacob. To thwart Jacob’s ambitions, Dom sneaks and attacks his younger brother. As Roman says, “Your problem is ours,” the family backs up Dom. Mia (Jordana Brewster), who had left the line with Brian, also joins the team and fights fiercely.

That man also reappears in front of the family. It is Han (Sung Kang) who was thought to have died in “TOKYO DRIFT”. Letty was stunned when Han appeared with a rifle in a place reminiscent of the streets of Tokyo. In the video immediately after, Han is attending a family strategy meeting, and next to him, you can see the Japanese actress Anna Sawai, who will be participating in the series for the first time. When Han asks, “How do you win?”, Dom enthusiastically says, “It’s speed.”

It seems that the cars that Doms drive around in this work are not just fast. It seems that super strong magnetic force is mounted on both sides of the body of the Dutch charger where Dom holds the steering wheel in a fierce chase on the street. With a single twist of the dial, large vehicles on both sides can be separated or stuck together. There is no way for a car to enter the area once.

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