“Nomadland” Frances McDormand blends into the general public ─ “I worked while mixing with the people who actually work”

“The Rider” (2017) “Eternals” (2021)Chloe ZhaoSupervision,Frances McDormandThe movie “Starring, which is sweeping movie awards around the world”NomadlandWill be released in Japan on March 26, 2021 (Friday). This time, a surprising main video that perfectly blends into the real nomad (modern nomad) has arrived.

Fern (Frances McDormand), the main character who lost his beloved husband after losing his residence in a company town in Nevada, USA, which he had been accustomed to living for many years due to the economic collapse of the company. He packs his memories of his late husband into a camper van and travels around the scene of seasonal labor as a car dweller (modern nomad). On that day, while working hard to overcome the day, she meets and exchanges hearts with Nomads everywhere, and her proud free journey continues.

This time, Fern was invited by Linda of Nomad to participate in Nomad’s communication event “RTR (Rubber Tramp Rendezvous)”. At first, Fern had an uneasy expression, but as he interacted with Linda and new friends he met at the event, he gradually smiled.

In this nomadic scene, Frances McDormand and David Strathairn are the only professional actors, including Linda, a cast swanky with a soup kitchen, and Bob Wells talking at an event. The characters are all ordinary nomads. At first glance, it’s hard to tell where McDormand is. McDormand is a perfect role-maker and blends into the nomad community.

McDormand seems to have devoted himself to Nomad’s labor as one of the roles to embody Nomad’s way of life. “I worked as an Amazon shipping center, a red cub harvesting factory, a tourist cafe, a national park camp instructor, and I, Fern, with the people who actually work, most of the time. I was only thought of as an employee, “he said, revealing that he was working hard in various places.

He added, “The physical limits and pains of working for the elderly, as well as the joy of working, living in nature as a camp instructor, having a purpose to live, and earning income from these jobs. I tried to play it, “he said.

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