“Paddington 3” officially started ─ Paul King, the director of the previous two works, also participated

Popular children’s literature “KumanoPaddingtonLive-action movie versionIt turns out that the third work of the “Paddington” series (title undecided) has officially started.. The US Variety and others have reported.

The “Paddington Bear” series is based on “Paddington Bear” by Michael Bond, and is a story about Paddington Bear, a bear who loves marmalade and is a little clumsy but kind to his family. “Paddington” (2014) and the sequel “Paddington 2” (2017) were produced with gorgeous casts such as Sally Hawkins, Nicole Kidman, Hugh Grant, and Ben Whishaw, and have been a big hit.

It has been reported that the script work for “Paddington 3” has been underway since November 2018, and Paul King, who was the director of the previous two films, also participated in the project. However, it was revealed that King would leave in June 2020. Following this, it was known that the previous script, Simon Farnaby, was also away from the project.

The third work, which will be made by a new script and director, is underway under the French StudioCanal, which is the creator of the series. Heyday Films, a production company led by the producer of the previous two works, David Heyman, will continue to cast, and Paul King, who had left the project, will participate again. I would like to expect production that follows the flow of the past.

Source: Variety

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