“Parasite Semi-Underground Family” HBO drama is not a remake ─ “Original story with the same world view”

Korean films that have swept film awards around the world, including the Cannes International Film Festival and Academy Awards,Parasite semi-underground family(2019). A drama project is already underway in Hollywood for this work.Apparently, this project is not a remake.

The drama version is produced by HBO such as “Game of Thrones” (2011-2019) and “Chernobyl” (2019). Executive producer, including director Bong Joon-ho“The Big Short” (2015) and “Vice” (2018)Adam McKay and others are listed.

In the podcast “Happy Sad Confused,” McKay revealed that the project was neither a remake nor a dramatization.The same universe as the main story, an original story set in the same worldI testify that. “Parasite Semi-Underground Family” depicts the economic disparity in South Korea while comparing the poor family living in a semi-underground house with the wealthy family living in a high-class residential area. It is unclear which country the drama version will be set in, but if it is not South Korea, this project may draw that this serious social problem is not occurring only in South Korea. ..

McKay went on to say, “With the great screenwriters.Have the best timeWhile saying, “Director Pong outlines the series during the quarantine period under the supervision“. Also, the script for the first episode has already been completed. Apparently the production is proceeding smoothly.

According to the previous report, this project isExpected to be produced as a limited series,It is said that it will consist of 5 to 6 episodes.“We are considering a drama version as an expanded version of the movie,” as a “six-hour movie” based on a concept that Pong did not include in the movie version. Also, Mark Ruffalo is rumored to be one of the main casts, but it has been denied that it is “informal”, soI would like to continue to pay attention to future trends.

Source: Collider ,  Happy Sad Confused

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