Pay attention to the tag of “Fast & Furious 9” Mia & Letty, and realize it with the hope of the performer

Fast & Furious / Jet Break]Pay attention to the tags of Mia and Letty. According to Jordana Brewster, who plays Mia, the two scenes seen in this film are valuable, realized by the wishes of the performers.

Mia and Letty who are the early members who appeared from the first work of the series. However, there are countless scenes where the two have interacted in the past, and it seems that Michelle Rodriguez and Brewster, who play Letty, were aware of this. Brewster, who responded to an interview with Insider, said MichelleHey, aren’t we missing a scene together?I looked back on the day I spoke to him. Michelle said, “We’re always behind the guys and we’re not interacting (in the play).We’re sister-like relationships, so we have to dig deeper into this“He said he was complaining.

With Michelle’s passion, Rhian, who takes a megaphone, has “became aware” of the relationship between Mia and Letty, Brewster said. Speaking of Michelle, it is also known that he asked the studio to appoint a female screenwriter as a condition for appearing in “Jet Break”, and he has been making efforts for the success of female characters in “Furious 9”. It seems that this is reflected in the tags of Mia and Letty in this work.

The success of the two in “Jet Break” is confirmed in the trailer. Mia and Letty struggle against a big man in the city of Tokyo. The enemies seem to have no teeth at all against the two who show strength that they have never seen before. Michelle once recalled the scene in Tokyo, saying, “It was a lot of fun to stretch out with Mia.”

In addition to the two, Michelle Rodriguez foretold that Anna Sawai, a Japanese actress who participated in the series for the first time, would be “overwhelmed”, and Nathalie Emmanuel as Ramsey and Helen Mirren as Mrs. Shaw took the handle. The figure that holds it is captured, and the activities of each are known. It seems that we cannot take our eyes off the turn of the women in “Jet Break”.

Source: Insider

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