“Peter Rabbit 2 / The Temptation of Burnabus” to be released on June 25 ─ Announcement of dubbed voice actors, comment arrival

2018 hit movie “Peter Rabbit』Sequel“Peter Rabbit 2 / The Temptation of Burnabus” will be released in Japan on June 25, 2021did. At the same time, a Japanese dubbed version of the cast was announced, and the comments were also delivered.

Continuing from the previous work for the role of the main character PeterYudai Chiba..Play the role of Burnabus, the boss rabbit who survives the city tough and leads Peter to the “Moffwar” roadShow AikawaIs in charge.

It is “Hypnosismic” Aoki Sakuma and “Tokyo Ghoul” who will play Thomas McGregor, who is Peter’s former love enemy, and who is still in a fight in the sequel even in the sequel. Serve as Nishio NishikiShintaro Asanuma..In the previous work, he played the role of “Free!” Makoto Tachibana and the role of “The Seven Deadly Sins” van in the role of Machinezumi Johnny, an urban sect who also gave Peter directions in London.Suzuki TatsuhisaContinues to throw.And a big veteran who plays the role of “Mobile Police Patlabor” Shibashigeo and “Kimetsu no Yaiba” Kuwashima Jigoro (master of goodness)Shigeru ChibaWill play the role of JW Rooster II, a hyper-high-tension chicken who believes that the sun will rise around the world with his own cry.

Newly participating from this work is the role of Nigel, the president of a publishing company who has the ambition to make a profit using the picture book “Peter Rabbit” drawn by Via, the role of “Hozuki’s Coolheadedness” and the role of “Yowamushi Pedal” Shingo Kaneshiro. Play a roleHiroki Yasumoto..Plays the role of Tom, one of the bad guys of Burnabus, as “NARUTO” Shikamaru Nara and “Yowamushi Pedal” Yusuke Makishima.Shotaro Morikubo..He also plays an active role as Gian / Takeshi Goda in the “Doraemon” series, Ichiro Yamada in “Hypnosismic”, and as a rapper.Subaru KimuraIs in charge of the role of street performance squirrel, and shows off a beautiful singing voice with an impressive song even in the play.

For the role of the kind-hearted beer who is the author of the picture book “Peter Rabbit”Haruka Shibuya, Peter’s cousin, the role of Benjamin, a rabbit with calm judgmentOolong Ta Yoshida, The role of Peter’s triple sister FlopsyRisa Shimizu, The role of MopsyKinoshita Sahua, The role of Katon TailRei ShimodaWill continue to throw each.

I’ve been waiting for it since it was announced in my home country, but now it’s finally released in Japan, and I’m biting happiness.
As usual, Peter is fluffy,
I’m slapstick with McGregor
The interaction with Via makes me feel at home.
And this time, there is a fluffy wal called Burnabus …! Please enjoy it with your friends, lover, family, or alone without hesitation.
Peter Rabbit is a very just distance to your heart.

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