Proceedings over “Predator” rights, screenwriter and Disney confront

Soon to reach the 35th anniversary of the release “Predator』(1987) There is a dispute over the rights.

According to The Hollywood Reporter and others,To regain the rights to “Predator” by the Jim & John Thomas brothers who wrote the first scriptDisneyProceedings againstThat is.

The Thomas brothers claim the “termination right” in American copyright law. This is a system in which, in principle, if the author transfers or licenses the copyright, it can be unilaterally canceled after 35 years. In other words, the Thomas brothers are trying to regain the copyright of “Predator” as it reaches its 35th anniversary. According to the complaint, the original script for Predator, titled “Hunters,” will expire on April 17, 2021.

Brother Thomas had also submitted a notice of cancellation in 2016. In the four and a half years since then, there was no objection, but in early January 2021, the defendant’s (Disney side) lawyer suddenly contacted me.

Defendants argue that the termination notice is out of date, based on the United States Code, with the theory that it can delay the termination of rights. In response to this, the Thomas brothers also responded with Marc Toberoff, a proven de-copyright specialist who won the case as a scriptwriter’s agent for “Friday the 13th”.

Shortly thereafter, Disney’s 20th Century Studios also responded to the Thomas brothers in a proceeding. Disney / 20th Century Studios prepared Daniel Petrocelli, who once fought on behalf of Warner Bros. for the rights to “Superman.” It seems that Toberov was the opponent at this time, and Toberov vs. Petrocelli will be a rematch.

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