Quentin Tarantino praises “Joker” and explains the “reversal” of the climax himself

Film director of “Pulp Fiction” (1994) and “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” (2019)Quentin Tarantino But the DC movieJokerI praised the climax of (2019). Tarantino reveals that he was fascinated by the “reversal” that this work set up.

This article contains spoilers for the movie “Joker”.

Tarantino is a film maker known for his elaborate plays and lines, his love for genre films, his cruel depictions, and his quotations from the culture of yesteryear. Tarantino spoke with Edgar Wright, director of Baby Driver (2017), in the Empire.“How many years is it now?” Joker “is” Taxi Driver “(1976),” Ad Astra “(2019) is” Apocalypse Now “(1979), and past ambitious movies are pop culture processing. It’s a thing, isn’t it? “Pointed out. However, he admits that the Joker attempt was very moving.

“When a big” reversal “occurs, the audience reacts. When something happens on the screen and the effect is produced, I feel the atmosphere of the theater change.[…]In the Joker talk show scene, that happened at a very high level.In fact, I think it was beyond the understanding of most spectators... In that scene, the atmosphere of the theater changed drastically. “

The main character, Arthur Freck (Joaquin Phoenix), stands on the stage aiming to be a comedian, but perhaps it is a laugh in the program by the longing TV host Murray (Robert De Niro). Will be done. At the same time, Arthur, who realized his true origin and realized that his lover’s existence was a delusion, appeared on a Murray program under the name of “Joker”. After exposing his murder and expressing dissatisfaction with the world, he finally shot and killed Murray during the live broadcast.

Tarantino has this scene“It’s no longer just suspense. Everyone in the audience was captivated and completely dragged in.”He says. Tarantino, a great screenwriter and film director, analyzes the Joker’s efforts in this way.

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