“Quiet Place Broken Silence” released in the US, moved up by 4 months in May 2021 ─ Mark Wahlberg & Antoine Fuqua’s latest work postponed

The sequel to “A Quiet Place” (2018), “Quiet Place Broken silenceIt was revealed that the US release of ”will be advanced from September 17, 2021 to May 28, 2021. In a way that replaces thisMark WahlbergStarring,Antoine FuquaNew movie by the director “InfiniteWas postponed from May 28, 2021 to September 24, 2021.Announced by Paramount Pictures.

Paramount Pictures initially plans to release “A Quiet Place Part II” in the United States in March 2020, and on March 8, 2020, a world premiere was held in New York, USA. However, due to the spread of the new coronavirus, the company hastily decided to postpone the release to the United States. After that, the US release date was changed to September 4, 2020, April 23, 2021, and September 17, 2021. And this time, the release to the United States has been accelerated by about four months.

According to previous reports, this work will be distributed in the United States on the streaming service “Paramount +” by Paramount Pictures 45 days after theatrical release.

The catch phrase “If you make a noise, you die instantly” was a hot topic, and the previous work was a smash hit with US box office revenue of $ 188 million and worldwide box office revenue of $ 340 million. Set in a world devastated by the appearance of “something” that attacks humans in response to sound, the struggle of the surviving family is depicted. In “Quiet Place Broken Silence,” the mother embarks on a journey in search of a new shelter with her newborn baby and children.

On the other hand, “Infinite” was originally scheduled to be released in the United States on August 7, 2020, but due to the influence of the new coronavirus,It was postponed to May 28, 2021.. Due to this postponement, it has been extended by more than a year from the original schedule.

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