Request for closure of movie theaters and theaters, Zenkoren announces statement ─ Ignoring past achievements, pointing out increased mobilization at neighboring theaters

On May 6, 2021, following the consideration of extending the state of emergency in four prefectures,The National Federation of Entertainment and Living Hygiene Associations (Zenkoren) has announced its views on requests for leave of absence from movie theaters and theaters.

Based on the fact that the statement did not confirm multiple revisions of the guidelines, sales after taking measures to prevent the spread of infection, and cases of infection on the spectator side.“It is clear that the leave request and the request for non-audience holding do not take into account the above performance and focus on” controlling the flow of people “rather than on the risk of infection in the facility. Guess “It is written.

However, for movie theaters“If a customer who wants to see a work is moved to a movie theater in a nearby prefecture that is not subject to the state of emergency, it may even lead to an increase in the number of people, which not only loosens our management base. , It is easy to assume that it does not meet the “control of people flow” policy. “In fact, he said, “There is a significant increase in mobilization in the vicinity of prefectures under the state of emergency.”

In addition, the report that some theaters ignored the request for closure is different from the fact, “The theater that can not be held without spectators was unavoidably held with spectators, but from Tokyo on April 28 There was a new explanation that it was a request for a practical leave of absence, and the company will be closed from May 1st. “

Zenkoren“Under certain restrictions, we will petition to continue business even under a state of emergency.”In addition, to prevent infection in the future,“Re-disseminate the guidelines created by Zenkoren” “Call customers at each movie theater and theater to return home promptly after watching”He showed his stance of focusing on the measures.

The full text of the statement released by Zenkoren is as follows.

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