“Resurrection of Tony Stark” Billboard Advertisement Appears in Los Angeles ─ Two Years After “Avengers: Endgame”

Marvel Cinematic Universe(MCU) Movie “Avengers / Endgame』(2019) has been released for about two years.At this milestone, I left the MCU with the same workIronmanTony StarkA huge billboard advertisement has appeared that appeals for the resurrection of.

Robert Downey Jr.Iron Man / Tony Stark, who has been playing since “Iron Man” released in 2008, has supported the MCU as a signboard character for about 11 years. Downey, who played, said that he had graduated for the time being, saying, “I did everything I could do,” although I did not completely deny the possibility of a replay.

Looking at the billboard ads that appeared in the city of Los Angeles, at least we can see that there are still strong fans who want Tony Stark to return to the MCU. On the sign, “For our beloved hero.Please(For Our Beloved Hero, Please) “under the subheading”Revive Tony Stark(Bring Back Tony Stark) “is displayed. “04.24.21”, that is, the date of April 24, 2021, seems to indicate that “Endgame” is the second anniversary from April 24, 2019, which was released all over the world.

Strictly speaking, Tony Stark’s return is revealed in the MCU’s first animated work, “What If …?”. However, since this work is an IF story as the title depicts “what if” that did not occur in previous MCU movies, what fans are looking for is probably a live-action revival based on the story so far. It may be.

By the way, when it comes to billboard advertisements by fans, it became a hot topic that fans seeking a sequel to the movie “Alita: Battle Angel” released in 2019 also posted a huge advertisement on a skyscraper in Los Angeles. The energetic activities of these fans have reached the ears of the creators of “Alita,” and producer Jon Landau also expressed his gratitude to the fans. This activity isMarvel・ Is it reaching the studio side?

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