Resurrection with cast continuation of the final season of “Criminal Minds” ─ Documentary “Real Criminal Minds” is also planned

A popular drama that was reported to be resurrected“Criminal Minds FBI Behavior Analysis Division”(2005-2020) is a follow-up report.

The US Deadline reports that the revival of “Criminal Minds” isComposition of all 10 episodes..Worked on all seasons for productionErica Messer is expected to continue casting, It is said that a production team has been convened under her.

About this project Deadline in the US describes it as both “reboot” and “revival”.The performers of the final season (season 15) will returnIt is reported that. It will be produced for the original video distribution service “Paramount +” that is being prepared by US Paramount.

Apart from this, Viacom CBS, which has a broadcasting CBS station,A documentary series with a tentative title “The Real Criminal Minds” is also being planned.It is said that it intends to make the cast members of “Criminal Minds” appear as the program host with the contents dealing with the actual FBI profiler and the actual crime case.


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