Ridley Scott’s autograph, “Raised by Wolves” precious storyboard released

“Alien” series etc.Ridley ScottDirector / Executive Producer, by HBOSFDrama”Raised by Wolves / Planet without GodWas released on U-NEXT from April 1, 2021. This time, a special making video that approaches behind the scenes how this work was born from Ridley Scott’s hand-drawn storyboard “From storyboards to videoWas released.

Two androids “Mother” and “Father” landed on a mysterious undeveloped planet. The two give birth to a human child and begin to raise it. The earth was ruined by the war caused by the difference in faith. They were given a mission to avoid repeating the same mistakes as the perishing Earth. It is to create a new world without faith. Faithful religious people led by Marcus soldiers appear there. Children swaying between the two. The story of the survival of androids and humankind, which are hostile to each other, begins.

Ridley Scott recalled the encounter with this work with excitement, saying, “I had a feeling that it would be a wonderful work with a high degree of entertainment. A good script reminds me of a video just by reading it. I made it into a storyboard.” In the making video, we will follow along with the storyboard how faithfully the world view drawn by Ridley is reproduced in the video. The staff also said, “Ridley will continue to devise designs that will be seen for the first time” (screenplay Aaron Gujikowski), “Ridley has experience in visual art. It is difficult to satisfy him” (art Chris (Seagers), “It’s the first time to see everything” (Executive Producer Mark Huffam), telling the surprises and behind-the-scenes stories with Scott.

The drama “Raised by Wolves / Planet without God” is being exclusively distributed on U-NEXT for unlimited viewing. One episode delivered every Thursday * Both subtitles and dubbed version will be delivered on the same day.

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