Robert De Niro “Grandpa Wars” Grandson is sentenced to move forcibly, the main video of the start of the war

Robert de NiroWake a full-scale war with his grandson over a room. “Grandpa Wars Grandpa and my declaration of warWill be released nationwide from April 23, 2021 (Friday). This time, ahead of the release, the main video that makes us feel that “war has begun” has arrived.

Ed (Robert De Niro), who lost his wife, will live with his daughter’s family. His grandson Peter (Oaks Fegley) was happy to live with his grandpa at first, but was furious when he learned that he had to give up his room and live in the attic. Peter writes a letter and declares war to expel Ed. Ed also responded to this, and eventually the war between the two developed into a tumult involving the surroundings.

The main video released is a scene where Peter, who triggered the start of the war, is forced to move to the attic. Behind the scenes, Peter’s sister and sister’s “war” broke out at the same time. It’s fun to look at, but the people themselves are shown a serious family quarrel.

Peter, who was comfortable in a single room, was suddenly robbed of his room by his grandpa and was forced to move to the attic and became angry. He desperately appeals to his father (Rob Riggle), who removes the decoration of the room without asking questions, and his mother (Uma Thurman), who cleans up his clothes. However, my mother advised me to put up with my sisters because they are in a shared room. Around that time, in the sister’s room, when the teenager’s sister was calling, her sister sang a Christmas song, and a “shhh! Battle” broke out.

It’s a cute and silly battle, but the people themselves are serious about it. Meanwhile, forced moving is being promoted in Peter’s room. As Peter’s treasure shoe, Jordan, is about to become a prey to the war, sisters who have finished the battle appear there. “Would you like to help me move?”, And Peter explodes with anger. Peter, who became isolated and unsupported in the family, slammed his grandpa with a declaration of war …

“Grandpa Wars Grandpa and My Declaration of War” will be released nationwide from April 23, 2021 (Friday), including TOHO Cinemas Chanter.

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