Robert De Niro spends a room in a full-scale war with his grandson, “Grandpa Wars Grandpa and My Declaration of War” to be released in April 2021

FamousRobert de NiroThe movie “The War With Grandpa”, in which he spends a room in a full-scale war with his grandchildren,Grandpa Wars Grandpa and My Declaration of WarIt has been decided that it will be released nationwide from April 23, 2021 (Friday).

Ed (Robert De Niro), who lost his wife, will move to live with his daughter Sally (Uma Thurman)’s family. His grandson Peter (Oaks Fegley) was happy to live with his grandpa at first, but was furious when he learned that he had to give up his room and live in the attic. Peter writes a letter and declares war to expel Ed.

Peter attacks with his own hands so that he can surrender the room, but Ed also gets angry at the mischief that is too excessive. Borrowing the wisdom of his bad friend Jerry (Christopher Walken), he decides to start retaliation against Peter. A small war between two people over a room eventually involves their neighbors and develops into a riot. Is it Ed or Peter who will win?

Robert De Niro, known for his “Taxi Driver” (1976) and “Irishman” (2019), will play the role of a stubborn and stubborn grandfather. Other co-stars include Oakes Fegley from Wonderstruck (2017), Uma Thurman from the Kill Bill series, Christopher Walken from The Deer Hunter (1978), and The Hangover!The Hangover and the Worst Hangover Ever ”(2009)comedyAnn Rob Riggle is participating. The director was Tim Hill of “The SpongeBob SquarePants The Movie” (2004).

“Grandpa Wars Grandpa and My Declaration of War” will be released nationwide on April 23, 2021 (Friday), including TOHO Cinemas Chanter.

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