Robert De Niro’s “The War with Grandpa” Trailer ─ Gigiy declares war on his grandson, full-scale war over the room

Robert de NiroWill spend a room in a full-scale war with his grandchildren?movies“Grandpa Wars Grandpa and My Declaration of War” will be released nationwide from April 23, 2021 (Friday)Will be done. This time, laughter and shocking notice of the start of the war, colorful poster visuals have arrived.

Ed (Robert De Niro), who lost his wife, will move to live with his daughter Sally (Uma Thurman)’s family. His grandson Peter (Oaks Fegley) was happy to live with his grandpa at first, but was furious when he learned that he had to give up his room and live in the attic. Peter writes a letter and declares war to expel Ed.

Peter attacks with his own hands so that he can surrender the room, but Ed is also angry at the mischief that is too excessive. Borrowing the wisdom of his bad friend Jerry (Christopher Walken), he decides to start retaliation against Peter. A small war between two people over a room eventually involves their neighbors and develops into a riot. Is it Ed or Peter who will win?

The trailer captures Ed being warmly welcomed into Sally’s house. However, things changed when he learned that Peter had to surrender his room to Ed. The fierce battle between the old man and his grandson is cut off. The battle between the two is various. Peter’s elaborate mischief seems to be one better than Ed, with the records that Ed listens to in his memories blown away and the shaving cream replaced by caulking agents.

So Ed also started a counterattack. Unscrew desks, chairs, beds and all kinds of furniture to fight back. The unpopular appearance conveys the seriousness of the old man. The battle is dead heat, and Ed gathers friends to defeat his grandson. Christopher Walken also appeared in the Dodgeball showdown. The battle between seniors and teens is unstoppable, and Peter finally kicks Ed into a big snake. The son-in-law witnessed Ed, who escaped from the snake, fell from the second floor and endured hanging in the air while his pants slipped, causing great confusion. I don’t think I’m 77, by Robert De NirocomedyLOL is inevitable in a series of scenes.

The poster visual that was released at the same time is a finish reminiscent of the full-scale war between Robert De Niro and Oakes Fegley. In the background, things used for mischief such as radio-controlled models and drones fly around. The colorful blasts are reminiscent of fierce battles. Grandpa and grandson, who will win …

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