Robert Downey Jr., “Spider-Man exists before and after Tom Holland” ─ Calm boost to junior actors “There are other lives”

Live-action movie version “Spiderman』Following the 3rd generation Spider-ManTom hollandHas the latest work “Spider-Man: No Way Home” at the moment.Marvel・ The contract with the studio expires. Since Holland himself revealed this fact, fans have been calling for a renewal contract, but “Ironman』Known in the seriesRobert Downey Jr.Seems to have a cool idea about this.

Year 2014,Marvel Cinematic UniverseHolland, who was selected to star in the (MCU) version of the “Spider-Man” series, has played the same role with the support of senior actors from the MCU, including Downey and Chris Evans, who played Captain America. Holland, who is 24 years old as of March 2021, has indicated that he will “return if necessary” when the appearance contract expires, but the schedule after “No Way Home” is undecided. The current situation is.

Under these circumstances, Downey, who retired from the MCU earlier with “Avengers: Endgame” (2019), talks about the future of Spider-Man actors that have been inherited so far, based on his own experience. .. Downey said in an interview with British GQTom wouldn’t be playing Spider-Man at the age of 37.At least I hope it isn’t“. Holland continues as follows in a way that supports his future career.

Putting yourself in the MCU feels like the whole life begins and ends with it.But there are other lives as well... I can only say this. I experienced the place, finished (role), and got a T-shirt. It’s interesting. I met Keanu Reeves somewhere in Malibu before, and he said he was also involved in the filming of The Matrix. You have returned to the world that once swept.When I asked him how it felt, he said, “It’s like being in Australia.”.. So what I mean is that there was Spider-Man before Tom Holland, and there was Spider-Man after Tom Holland. Unfortunately, this is a fact. “

* Keanu Reeves lived in Australia as a child. Perhaps it is a replay of “The Matrix” that overlaps with his own origin.

Downey has devoted about 11 years to the role of Iron Man from “Iron Man” (2008), which is also the opening work of the MCU, to “Endgame”. After leaving the same role, he has been devoting himself to the producer business in addition to the actor business. For an experienced Downey, including these “afterwards” steps, there are still many possibilities for his future career awaiting a successful Holland in his twenties.

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