Robert Pattinson & Willem Dafoe co-starring “Lighthouse” to be released in Japan ─ ​​Lighthouse keeper is invaded by madness and fantasy

Robert PattinsonWillem DafoeCo-starring, “The Witch” (2015)Robert EggersThe director’s movie “The Lighthouse”LighthouseIt was decided that it will be released nationwide in July 2021 under the Japanese title. At the same time, poster visuals and special videos have arrived.

In the 1890s, two lighthouse keepers arrive on an isolated island in New England. They were tasked with managing the lighthouse and the island for the next four weeks. However, the old veteran Thomas Wake (Willem Dafoe) and the inexperienced young man Eflame Windslow (Robert Pattinson) do not match the sled and repeat the clash from the first day. In a terrible atmosphere, the storm that came traps them on the island …

The two lighthouse keepers who came to the mysterious isolated island are cut off from the outside world and gradually invaded by madness and fantasy. This work, which depicts the extreme state of human beings with a terrifyingly beautiful image, was released in North Japan with the distribution of A24, and it was an exceptional box office for a mini theater movie that started with only 8 screens. ..

This work is based on an incident that actually happened in Wales, England in 1801, and it is also talked about that only Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe appear in almost the entire story in the play. In a space where the loneliness of the sea and the extreme tension of the sea, the fierce performance battle that they unfolded, the two received great acclaim in numerous movie awards and also won the acting award.

In addition, by sticking to black-and-white images that can emphasize human emotions and standard-sized screens that once boasted prosperity in the era of silent movies, cinematic image beauty is also realized. Due to his commitment and beauty, he has won worldwide acclaim, including being a candidate for the Academy Award for Best Cinematography. The sound that was particular about it, which increased the sense of urgency, also gained popularity, and was hailed as a big hit during the screening during the Directors’ Fortnight at the Cannes International Film Festival.

The poster visual released is a strange composition of the faces of Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe against the backdrop of an isolated island in the sea. Not only is there a lighthouse in the middle that holds an important key to help them enter the crazy world, but it is also monochrome, with a catch phrase that “mystery fills”. The color creates a more disturbing atmosphere. In addition, the special news video released at the same time shows the lighthouse that shines brightly in the darkness, the disturbing siren, and the two men who came to the isolated island of the sea, in order, and the mysterious fate that awaits them is inevitable. It is a premonition.

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