Rock band KISS biographical film to be produced on Netflix ─ Director of “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Last Pirates”

LockbandOf “KISS”biographyThe movieNetflixNegotiations are about to be concludedThat is. The US Deadline reported.

The title, which is said to be “Shout It Out Loud,” is based on the live scene of KISS, but goes back to the friendship between leaders Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley from the evil kid era, Ace Frehley (guitar). It is said that he will draw the encounter with Peter Chris (drums) and the formation of the band. As a reference work, the 1991 youth band movie “The Commitments” is mentioned.

Directed by Norwegian-born Johann Him Roning, blockbuster films such as “The Most Feared Man of the Nazis” (2008), “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Last Pirates” (2017) and “Maleficent 2” (2019). Also deals with. The script is based on William Blake Herron’s manuscript in The Bourne Identity (2002) and is written by the up-and-coming Ole Sanders.

With the success of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” (2018), the biopics of musicians are booming. For Netflix, this is a rock band following Motley Crue’s The Dirt: Motley Crue Autobiography (2019).

Other biopics of Sex Pistols directed by Danny Boyle, Biographical film of Ramones vocalist Joey Ramone by Netflix, Biographical film of The Beatles manager Brian Epstein, and Boy of the Culture Club. George’s biographical film, Whitney Houston’s biographical film, Madonna’s biographical film, etc. are also available. In addition, the existence of movies by Michael Jackson and Prince is also reported.


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