“Rocky IV / Flame Friendship” director’s cut version finally completed ─ Sylvester Stallone himself reports

Rocky4 / Flame Friendship(1985) was announced to commemorate the 35th anniversary of its release.Director’s Cut EditionSeems to have finally been completed.

In July 2020, starred, directed, and wrote the script.Sylvester StalloneAnnounces that the production of the director’s cut version is in progress. After that, he himself reported the progress of this work, but 9 months after the first announcement, while reporting that the final day of production has finally come, a video of his thoughts on the director’s cut version. Talking in.

“(The movie) isn’t finished. I’ve talked about it before, but when I see a movie I shot 50 years ago, I sometimes think,” I definitely want to re-edit this. ” You may think that the purpose is not to make a movie, but to remake it. “

“Unfortunately, if you run out of time and money, you’ll be kicked out of the editing room,” he continued. “That’s why you can’t even get a chance, but’Rocky 4′ Now that’s the chance. It feels great. “

In the director’s cut version, Stallone himself reported that “Pauli’s robot”, which can do everything from personal care to the surroundings, will be deleted from the main story. “Robots will be sent to the junkyard forever. No more robots will appear.” “I don’t like robots anymore.” It’s unclear how this work will be released, so stay tuned for more updates.

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