Rumors of live-action debut are dismissed as to whether it is possible to join the “Big Hero 6” MCU

DisneyAnime movie“Big Hero 6”(2014) isMarvel-A work produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios, which worked on the “Frozen” series and “Zootopia” (2016) based on the comics. Currently, Marvel comics are basically made into movies by Marvel Studios (also affiliated with Disney), so it can be said that it was an extremely irregular case.

Then, the genius boy Hiro Hamada who is the main character of “Big Hero 6”, the care robot Baymax, and the hero teamMarvel Cinematic UniverseIs it possible to enter (MCU)? February 21, 2021 (US time), US DisInsider“The character of’Big Hero 6’will make a live-action debut on the MCU”I reported. At least, Big Hero 6 and Hiro will appear. However, this rumor was immediately denied …

On February 23, two days after the topic first appeared, the US Variety“There are no plans for the” Big Hero 6 “character to appear live-action on the MCU.”I reported. Variety, one of the largest letters in the industry, has confirmed the information with sources inside Disney. According to the reporter, “I understand that it is expected that the MCU of’Big Hero 6’will join” and “it may be realized in the future”, but at the moment it will continue to be deployed at Disney Animation Studios. It means that.

“Big Hero 6” is an animated movie based on the Marvel comic work “Big Hero 6 (original title)” with major changes in settings, world view, and character design. Following “Big Hero 6”, Disney is producing the anime series “Big Hero 6 The Series” (2017-2021), and in December 2020, the new series “Big Hero 6!” (Original title: Baymax!) At Disney +. ) ”Was announced. We will continue to expand our franchise on our own routes.

Sources: Variety, DisInsider

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