Scorsese & DiCaprio’s latest tag work is a work that “leaves a name in history” ─ “In a sense no one has seen it,” the scriptwriter announced

Master who has produced many masterpiecesMartin ScorseseThe director may break new ground.Leonardo DiCaprioThe latest work that teams up with for the sixth time ““Killers of the Flower Moon” becomes a work “in a sense no one has seen”Said Eric Roth, the scriptwriter.

This work is a crime non-fiction of writer David Grann “Murder of the Flower Killing Moon-Indian Continuous Mysterious Death Case and the Birth of the FBI”(Published by Hayakawa Publishing)Based on the story, the story unravels the murder of an indigenous Osage in the 1920s in Oklahoma, southern United States.Rice in charge of production and distributionApple TV + is said to have invested a huge amount of 200 million dollars (about 22 billion yen) in this work.

In addition to DiCaprio, this work will be a tag following “Irishman” (2019)Robert de NiroAnd Jesse Plemons of “Breaking Bad” (2008-2013) and other gorgeous actors are also participating, and the attention is very high. Under these circumstances, the scriptwriter Eric Roth has made statements that further raise expectations.

“I know Martin is trying to make a movie that is probably the last Western to be made,” Ross said in a Collider interview. Based on this, “In a sense, I think it will be a work that no one has ever seen.I foretold. “I think it will leave a name in history」。

Although Ross described this work as “Western,” he said, “I think humans are wearing suits. It’s 1921.” “The spirituality is very western.” Also, according to Ross, the Texas Ranger special agent Tom White’s “heroic appearance” is “a heroic appearance” in charge of the murder case depicted in this work.Western-style like no other“. Tom White will be played by Premons.

DiCaprio plays the nephew of the villain who plays Robert De Niro. According to Ross, it’s a very complicated and interesting role. ” Other co-stars include Lily Gladstone in “First Cow” (2019), William Belleau in “Eclipse / Twilight Saga” (2010), Louis Cansemi in “Irishman” (2019), and singer-songwriter. Writer Jason Isbell and Sturgill Simpson and others. The filming will take place in Oklahoma, USA.

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