“Search” director’s latest work “Run” will be released on June 18 ─ Thrilling trailer arrives

search / search(2018), the movie “Run” directed by Aneesh Chaganty and the production team will be released nationwide as the Japanese title “RUN” from June 18, 2021 (Friday). At the same time, the Japanese version of the trailer has arrived.

Chloe (Keira Ann), who lives in a suburban house, is born with a chronic illness and is forced to live in a wheelchair. But always positive and curious, she wanted to go to a local university and was trying to be independent. One day, Chloe begins to feel distrustful of her mother, Diane (Sarah Paulson), who manages her physical condition and diet and supports her dream of going on to school.

A green capsule that Diane offers as a new drug. According to Chloe’s hard work, it was a drug that humans should never take. Why do you lie to your beloved daughter and give her dangerous medicine? The terrifying truth was hidden there. At last, Chloe tries to escape from her mother’s quarantine, but the truth of unimaginable trials and new shocks awaits her path ….

The released trailer begins with a PC login screen that is reminiscent of “search.” The icon is a close relationship between Chloe and Diane. The latest film directed by Chaganti is “The Story of Mother and Daughter”. Like the previous work, it seems to be a story of parent-child love, but what is this discomfort felt by the devoted mother?

Chloe finds a suspicious point in the medicine she takes every day, but when she tries to search the internet, she says “I’m not connected to the internet”. This work is the exact opposite of the previous work, and it is an environment where you cannot connect to the Internet or mobile phones. “In our own way, we’re telling us that it’s different from the last time,” explained Chaganti and the production team.

Chloe tries her best to escape from her mother when the shocking fact that the medicine is “a medicine that people do not take” is revealed. Diane reveals madness at once. What is the true meaning of the poison mother’s words and the last shock that awaits after the mother and daughter’s screaming? At the end of the trailer video, Diane’s expression, “You need me, right?” Is unusually eerie.

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