Sebastian Stan, who looks too similar to Mark Hamill, revisits the rumor of Luke Skywalker

Young daysMark HamillBucky of the Marvel movie, which has been a hot topic for a long time because it is very similar toWinter SoldierFamiliar with the roleSebastian Stan.. “Star Wars』Series”Mandalorian(2019-) A young day, reheating among overseas media and fans, starting with Season 2Luke SkywalkerStan himself mentions rumors that he will play the role.

There seems to be various opinions about the argument that the two are similar, but are Hamil and Stan officially recognized? Has been done. Back in September 2017, Hamil, who seems to have heard the topic of being similar to Stan, posted a comparison image himself on Twitter. “I’m disappointed, but I don’t say” Sebastian Stan, I’m your father (I am your father) “(actually, that’s the case),” he said with humor. Was.

The photo, which looks just like that, quickly became a hot topic in the media in his home country, and Stan finally appeared.Approximately two months after posting the comparative image, Good Morning AmericaTalk showStan, who made a guest appearance at Hamil, told Hamil that “Orange juice and eggs are in the refrigerator, so you don’t have to worry if you go home at night.” That’s right.

Then the topic evolved, and among the fans, Stan might play the young Luke Skywalker? Rumors have surfaced. This is a rumor that has been boosted by mid-fan wishful thinking, but if it does come true, it’s heartbreaking. Meanwhile, Stan, who appeared in an interview with Good Morning America on March 25, 2021 (local time), revealed the truth about the rumors about the role of this young Luke.

“Maybe you’re playing Luke Skywalker?” When asked by the interviewer, Stan replied, “Well,” after thinking a little. “If Mark Hamill himself calls me and asks for the role of (Luke), then I’ll believe (rumors).」。

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