“Shang-Chi / Ten Rings Legend” Marvel’s best action show, producer speaks aloud

Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) New Movie“Legend of Shang Chi / Ten Rings”As soon as the special news video was released, the production of “unlikely an MCU work” became a hot topic. This is the first Asian hero in the history of MCU to depict the origin of a superhero, and is an ambitious one that combines action that fully incorporates martial arts and a serious family drama.

Producer Jonathan Schwartz at Entertainment Weekly“The best action in Marvel history”It boasted when it was shown. The main character, Shang-Chi, is a young man who trained under his father to become an assassin, but is now trying to lead a normal life in the United States. Originally created with Bruce Lee as a model, it is a character with the nickname “Master of Kung Fu”, and even in the movie version, he will fight with his own fists and various weapons.

Mr. Schwartz talks about the action of this work“Every punch makes sense, every fighting style makes sense. The story is told visually in a really good way.”Talk to. Telling a story through fighting, shooting, car chase, etc. is a prerequisite for a good action movie of any style, but Shang-Chi may have made the same attempt.

Moreover, Shang-Chi is a hero who fights against enemies with his face without hiding his face with a mask.playSimu Liu started training in the summer of 2019 and performed as many stunts as he could.. “I’ve always been good at martial arts, and I’ve worked as a stuntman for a few days,” said Riu, but it seems that the level required was extremely high. “My experience was like backflip in the backyard and parkour with my friends when I was a teenager,” he recalls.

Director Destin Daniel Cretton refers to Shang-Chi’s styles of martial arts, from the martial arts of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000) to the choreography of action comedy by Jackie Chan. Created an action. Even in the special news footage, you can get a glimpse of a number of powerful action scenes, including the variety of visual effects. On the other hand, the director emphasizes that Shang-Chi’s strength as well as his focus on drawing the inside.

“I wanted to make Shang-Chi a person who feels like me. I watched the movie and said,” It’s the same as I feel. Sometimes I think it’s out of place, but I’m cheating with humor. “(Shang-Chi) feels uncomfortable in America because he’s not good at it. Very sympathetic charisma. I’m cheating on it with sex. “

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