Sigourney Weaver’s favorite work in the Alien series- “It was the most satisfying”

Ridley Scott, James Cameron, David Fincher, Jean-Pierre Jeunet. The great mastersalienI have been the director of the series.This time, he has performed in all the works created by the four directors.Sigourney WeaverAnswers about his favorite work in the series.

Sigourney played a major role in Ellen Ripley from the first to the fourth of Alien. He is a space navigator who fights bravely even in front of aliens, and is said to be one of the characters who have established the “image of a woman who fights bravely” in the history of movies.

Ciganie, who can be said to be such a pioneer, appeared in an interview with Collider in the United States. When asked about his favorite work in the “Alien” series, he said, “That’s really difficult“While hesitating, James Cameron’s”Aliens 2I revealed. The reason is “Jim (James Cameron) has a sense of building amazing stories“.

In Aliens 2, Ripley escapes from the aliens, sleeps frozen in an escape boat and waits for help, and is accidentally rescued by a salvage ship. Ripley, who survived, is revealed to have been floating in space for 57 years and that his beloved daughter had passed away during that time. In addition, Ripley was asked to explain what happened so far, but even if he explained the existence of aliens, he was not trusted by others at all.

Ripley, who was in such a predicament, said, “What to do in the end, and find a new familyWas the most successful story in the series to introduce the character, Cigany explains. “For Ripley, the second one would have been the most satisfying.“. To be sure, Ridley Scott’s “Aliens” didn’t focus on Ripley alone, as every character was about to survive.

By the way, Ciganie had previously said in his heart, “I think Ripley has fulfilled his role, so I should give him a rest.” Apparently, I’m not positive about the replay of the role of Ripley …

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