Simon Pegg imprisoned underground for 30 years, trailer for new mystery “Inheritance” ─ co-starring Lily Collins

“Mission: Impossible” series, etc.Simon PeggAnd Lily Collins, such as “Love, Rosie” (2014) and “Emily in Paris” (2020-)MysterymoviesFrom “Inheritance”, a trailer was released prior to the release on June 11, 2021.

Archer Monroe, a banker who has a tremendous influence on New York’s political and business world, has died suddenly. Archer’s legacy was inherited by his wife, son of a politician, and daughter Lauren (Lily Collins), a district attorney. In addition, Lauren was left with a key along with a mysterious will from Archer, “Don’t dig up the truth …”.

Based on his will, Lauren discovers a door hidden behind the mansion. The key was to open the door to the basement. Lauren steps into the basement and discovers a chained man (Simon Pegg). A man named Morgan begins to say that he had been imprisoned by Archer for 30 years. There was a hidden secret about the Monroe family …


The preview video begins with the scene where the main character, Lauren, who inherited the key, opens the basement door after the sudden death of his father. A man was trapped there. Morgan, a man who says he was captured by Lauren’s father, reveals his past ties and abominable secrets. Is a man an innocent good man? Also pay attention to the real acting battle between Peg, Collins, and two talented people.

Lily Collins commented on the film, “It’s a thriller that’s sure to be thrilling. I hope we can bring you to the truth that you wouldn’t expect.” “When I read the script, I was surprised twice. Enjoy the roller coaster-like experience,” he said.

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