“Soulful World” Prequel short story “22 vs. Earth” is finally delivered ─ Special video of souls released

DisneyPixarmoviesSoulful worldA short movie that will be the day before (2020),“22 vs. Earth”Will be exclusively distributed from May 7, 2021 (Friday). To commemorate this, a special video was released.

“Soulful World” has received great acclaim all over the world, including winning the Academy Award, Golden Globe Award, and Annie Award.The first time that should be called the beginningShort storyThe work is “22 vs. Earth”. The main character is “Soul” No. 22, who made a big adventure in the real world and the world of soul with music teacher Joe Gardner in the movie.

No. 22, who has been living in the world of soul for hundreds of years saying “I don’t want to go to the human world” because I can’t find what I want to do (the sparkle of life), revolts with new souls. .. However, an unexpected ending came to his friends, and the rebellion No. 22 became an opportunity to discover the amazing meaning of life …. A twist, but lovable 22nd root is revealed.

The special video released is a scene in the familiar soul world where No. 22 secretly selects five souls to form a secret organization. The name is “Apocalypse”, but how about the turmoil caused by the team led by No. 22?

Disney + original short movie “22 vs. Earth” will be exclusively distributed from May 7, 2021 (Friday)

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