“Space Players” to be released ─ Warner’s works such as “The Matrix” and “King Kong” Co-starring All Stars and LeBron James Dreams

“Space Jam: A New Legacy” following “Space Jam” (1996), a fusion of basketball and cartoon animation,Japanese title “Space PlayersReleased in Japan in August 2021It was decided that

“The Matrix,” “King Kong,” “Iron Giant,” “Pennywise,” and “Tweety,” “Bugs Bunny,” … reminiscent of “Ready Player One,” featuring many Warner Bros. characters and movie stories. A trailer video like this has also been delivered.

A popular animation “SPACE JAM” released in 1997, which is a fusion of animation and live-action, in collaboration with Michael Jordan, who is called “the god of basketball”, and the popular animation work “Looney Tunes” produced by Warner Brothers. 25 years since its release. In 2021, LeBron James, a basketball player who has been hailed as the strongest player in NBA history, comparable to former Michael Jordan, will play his first role.

The released video begins with LeBron James (who plays the role of himself) telling his son Don to encourage him to “have basketball qualities” and “train with his father.” Contrary to his father’s will, he argued, “Why do you push it?” And “Ignore my dream,” and when he chased Don who jumped out of the elevator, he suddenly shouted “Dad!” The chasing Lebron is sucked into the server system of the movie company, and what appears in front of him is a mysterious person who claims to be the ruler of the virtual world (Don Cheadle)was….

What appeared before Lebron, who was blown away by the “animation world” and became a part of the animation himself, was Bugs Bunny who appeared in “Looney Tunes”. Determined to regain his son, Lebron confronts a mysterious man who wants to rule the virtual world with the characters of “Looney Tunes” led by Bugs Bunny.

Furthermore, in the latter half of the video, popular characters such as the Iron Giant and King Kong, who are familiar with Warner Bros., will appear one after another. “IT” Pennywise is also confused, so let’s find it. The mysterious “Most Evil Hitman Team” has also appeared, and the battle is finally about to begin. Can the strongest players led by Revlon win the victory?

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